• All logos featured on this website are for sale.
  • These logos were requested by, and then passed over by, clients of MaryMakingTX.
  • No logos on this website will resemble any logos that were sold to clients of MaryMakingTX.
  • Once a logo is purchased from this online store, it is taken down. No one else can purchase that logo, and the logo will never be resold to another user.
  • All logos will come customized to the business name. MaryMakingTX will contact you regarding the designated spelling, initials, and website of your company.
  • Users may suggest two or three colors to be used in their logo.
  • All other customization beyond applying the business/organization name, date (if already designated in the logo), and two to three colors will incur fees. You will be notified of any customization fees before work begins.